Procedure and submission deadline

We kindly invite you to submit your paper or working paper at until 14th February 2022. For this we need:

  • Papers: Paper or working paper. Abstracts or presentations are not enough.

  • Posters: Meaningful title, short summary of the content and description of the poster composition.

You are welcome to submit your contribution as a paper and as a poster. If your paper is not selected for this year's congress, you can present your findings with a poster.

By end of February 2022, you will be notified if your paper resp. poster has been accepted. Afterwards, we will inform you on the exact time of your presentation resp. the poster session and we will give you precise instructions on layout of the poster.


We look forward to receive your papers.


Prof. Dr. John Davidson
Prof. Dr. Katia Delbiaggio
Prof. Dr. Andreas Deuber
Prof. Dr. Pascal Gantenbein
Prof. Dr. Mathias Hoffmann
Prof. Dr. Peter Ilg
Prof. Dr. Jean Ruegg
Prof. Dr. Miriam Scaglione
Prof. Dr. Maximilian von Ehrlich
Prof. Dr. Suzanne Ziegler
Dr. Alexandra Bay
Dr. Stefan Fahrländer
Dr. Peter Staub
Francesca Boucard
Christoph Enzler
Brice Hoffer




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