Real estate and spatial developement topics

Did you publish work on real estate and space? Did you publish it at a university, at a technical college or for a company? Does your work fall within the following Topics?

  • Evaluation of real estates, market and space
  • Corporate Real Estate – real estate as a production unit
  • Data, methods, modeling and statistical analysis
  • Financial markets, real estate and space
  • Smart Cities
  • Infrastructure and spatial development
  • Macroeconomic perspective on real estate and space
  • Market regulation and spatial planning
  • Political structures and spatial development
  • Portfolio, asset and facility management
  • Real estate markets: direct and indirect investments, rental markets, construction market
  • Social requirements on real estate and space
  • Sustainability and energy
  • Spatial planning and master planning
  • Urban development/urban economics
  • Taxes and legal aspects
  • Behavioural psychology
  • Compression and functionalism of space


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