Congress on real estate and spatial related research

Real estate and spatial development - these are the two issues at the SwissReal Estate Research Congress. We will present and discuss soundly-based work and profound knowledge on these issues with professors and analysts.

Please find out more on recent research findings and establish networks with different institutes and research departments.

Interested? Please save the date of 23th of March 2018.

Collection of papers already began. More Information are available here.

Yours sincerely,

Prof. Dr. Pierre-Henri Bombenger
Prof. Dr. John Davidson
Prof. Dr. Katia Delbiaggio
Prof. Dr. Andreas Deuber
Prof. Dr. Roland Füss
Prof. Dr. Pascal Gantenbein
Prof. Dr. Peter Ilg
Prof. Dr. Laurent Matthey
Prof. Dr. Patrick Rérat
Prof. Dr. Maximilian von Ehrlich
Prof. Dr. Suzanne Ziegler
PD Dr. Joris Van Wezemael
Dr. Alexandra Bay
Dr. Stefan Fahrländer
Dr. Peter Staub
Michael Boeniger
Francesca Boucard
Martin Bühler
Christoph Enzler
Andreas Loepfe
Ulrich Prien

Zürich, PH Campus
23th of March 2018, 9.00 - 17.00



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